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“To know that one has a secret is to know half the secret itself.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Assess Your Potentially Counterproductive Habits

Number of questions: 70
Average time to complete: 4-6 minutes

This self-assessment is designed to promote greater self-awareness and help you identify thoughts, actions, and feelings that may get in the way of living fully. We all have the ability to live fully, but sometimes we get in our own way. This self-assessment can help you identify behaviors which may be undermining your success, contentment, and personal relationships.

Instructions: Click on each of the following statements that apply to you. When finished, click for your results. Your results will include an overall score along with a breakdown for each of the three sections – thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Note: Your answers are confidential. No personally identifiable information is collected from this assessment. This test is designed for informational and entertainment purposes only. Your results should not be relied upon as an accurate or complete psychological assessment, nor used in lieu of formal psychological services or treatment.

Section I: Thoughts
More often than I’d like I . . .

Rationalize or minimize serious problems I need to face
Have unrealistic expectations about friends or romantic partners
Tend to be thinking about what’s next so much that I rarely enjoy the present moment
Don’t think about the consequences of my actions ahead of time
Put too much pressure on myself
Choose personal goals that don’t energize or motivate me
Downplay my hopes and expectations as a hedge against being disappointed
Let my fears overrule my desires or common sense
Negatively judge myself or others
Focus selectively, seeing things as I want to see them rather than as they really are
Take things too personally
Talk myself into things which I later regret
Ignore or override my feelings or intuition
Distract myself from or avoid thinking about certain subjects
Space out
Obsess over a trip, purchase, or other decision
Compare myself or my circumstances with others’ and feel disappointed
Fantasize or daydream
View things in either-or, all-or-nothing terms
Dwell on regrets or resentments and feel unable to move on
Worry about worst-case scenarios
Find it difficult to emotionally soothe myself
Feel as though I am only “halfway in” jobs or relationships
Feel as though I am living behind a false front
Feel as though I have to justify myself or my actions to others

Section II: Actions
More often than I’d like I . . .

Overreact to minor setbacks or challenges
Take on too many tasks or commitments
Eat poorly or skip exercising
Spend or borrow too much
Distract myself with escapist activities
Have addictive behavior patterns
Stay in relationships that are not good for me
Rebel even when it costs more than it gains
Am late to events
Don’t ask for help when I need it
Procrastinate on seeking treatment for medical conditions
Deny myself victory or pleasure even after working hard to attain them
Automatically say no to new experiences
Find it hard to manage my time or prioritize all that I need to do
Say thoughtless or hurtful things and then regret it
Disclose things about myself that I later wish I hadn’t
Choose short-term gains despite significant long-term costs
Set ambitious goals but can’t get started
Put myself down in front of others
Fail to assert my legitimate rights and needs
Overindulge in eating, drinking, or shopping
Don’t finish what I start
Rush through things
Put others’ needs first at my own expense
Overbook and overpromise so often that others no longer trust what I say

Section III: Feelings
More often than I’d like I feel . . .

Overwhelmed or stressed out
Out of control
Unworthy or undeserving
Flawed or inadequate
Lonely or isolated
Cut off from my feelings, almost as if I had none

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